Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

Parking, a Major Component of Mobility Policies

Parking, a Major Component of Mobility Policies

While pressure on public space is increasing in cities of both the North and the South, due to the emergence of new modes of mobility on the one hand, and the strong increase in household motorization on the other, in cities of the South reflections are taking shape on the question of parking: how to manage, regulate, charge, and possibly build – these are the issues encountered by many communities. Thinking about parking leads to thinking about the place of the car in cities and in transport systems, but also to think about the responsibilities of local actors in mobility planning – the competence for parking is most often communal.

This session aims to present cross-cutting approaches, both in cities of the South and in European examples, of parking policies as an integral part of mobility policies, and their practical implementation around concrete examples.

Organised in partnership with:


  • Antoine Martin, Study Director, Stratec


  • Eric Gantelet, President of SARECO
  • Pablo Salazar-Ferro, Project Manager at TRANSITEC
  • Sylvain Guillaume-Gentil, Managing Director at Transitec Suisse
  • Sonal Shah, Founder, The Urban Catalysts
  • Fatima Arroyo, Urban Transport Specialist, World Bank
  • Aristide Gahie, Director of Planning, Studies and Projects, AMUGA
  • Alex Adiko, Studies Manager, AMUGA