Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

Planning African cities

Description :

Although the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 169 targets of the 2030 Agenda are universal and inseparable, they must be applied in line with the realities, capacities, levels of development and priorities specific to the national and local levels. In local communities where the needs are multiple and urgent, but where capacities and resources are limited, the question of local planning arises. Local planning should better address the needs of the populations, include their active participation in the process of elaboration of development plans or projects and improve the dissemination of concepts that are sometimes very complex.

With the effects of climate change, the decade of action on SDGs, and the impacts of the COVID19 health crisis, states and development partners must act at the local level to reduce the widening inequality gap that is moving us further away from achieving this shared vision of building more sustainable, just, and resilient societies.

The session aims to present tools for implementing SDGs and climate action at the local level. It also aims to provide a framework for sharing experiences, knowledge, and good practices to organizations and local governments on these issues. The key messages from the session will contribute to the conclusions of the Climate Chance Africa Summit and the COP 27 on Climate.

Organized by :

This session will be moderated by:

  • Marcel Klassou, Programme Specialist, Institut de la Francophonie pour le développement durable (OIF)
  • Agossou Honfo, Program Specialist, IOF
  • Talulah Essam, Program Officer, Institut de la Francophonie pour le développement durable (OIF)

Speakers and programme:

Panel for sharing tools, experiences, and best practices on sustainable city planning

  • Abdoulaye Sylla, Urban Expert, Director of Planning and Sustainable Development, City of Dakar
  • Séraphin Diedhiou, Head of the Planning and Transferred Competences Division, Municipality of Parcelles assainies
  • Mahamoudou Wadidie, President and founder of Batisseurs sans Frontières, Member of the National Committee for the Evaluation of Experimental Buildings in Mali, Member of MTPA Africa
  • Célina Carrier, Coordinator CICLIA « Cities and Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa », AFD
  • Brilé Anderson, Environmental Economist at Sahel and West Africa Club, OCDE

Presentation of two Dakar projects related to sustainable city planning

  • Fatou Ndoye, Sociologist, Gender Specialist, Programmes Officer for Enda Graf
  • Adja Aissatou Diallo, Prevention and Waste Reduction Officer, Member of the DAKCLIM platform for the GALLE project