Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

Sustainable building


By 2050, Africa will be home to 1.3 billion more people than it is today, yet 80% of buildings that will exist by then are yet to be built. To tackle the challenge of ensuring a resilient and sustainable built environment for the Africa of 2050, and to help guide the action of the Climate Chance Coalition over the short and long terms, this workshop will focus on 3 axes of action:

  • Strong collaboration between actors (local and national governments, businesses, and associations)
  • Access to climate finance
  • Capacity-building.

The mobilisation of key actors from the African building and construction sector during this Workshop will be crucial to reinforce and scale up locally-adapted solutions on the continent and foster new partnerships. In order to showcase the dynamics around the production of local materials and sustainable strategies implemented at the local level, the Workshop will also present impactful projects already implemented in Senegal which have the potential to be replicated across the continent.


  • Amadou Doudou Dème, Co-founder of Elémenterre
  • Vere Shaba, Head of Africa Programmes at the World Green Building Council