Climate Chance Conference Africa 2023

Setting course for 2030: Towards the integration of small-scale transport into the climate agenda and CDNs


The impacts of climate change in Africa are becoming increasingly visible despite the efforts made in various sectors of the economy, particularly in the transport sector, which is one of the pillars of climate action. It accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for more than 1 million deaths every year. In addition, the artisanal sector accounts for the lion’s share of urban and rural transport supply, but remains the least regulated, even though it generates a multitude of negative externalities such as road safety, social and economic insecurity and congestion. Development policies and investment are mainly geared towards road infrastructure and boosting the capacity of the transport system, with little being devoted to small-scale transport. Yet its impact on climate change, air and noise pollution and public health is considerable. It is essential to examine the role of artisanal transport in mobility development strategies in Africa and its contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How can artisanal transport be integrated into the strategy to combat climate change and the nationally determined contributions (NDCs)?

This workshop aims to explore the different ways in which the artisanal sector can be integrated into the strategy to combat climate change in African territories, to disseminate impact measurement tools applicable to artisanal transport, and to promote initiatives for collecting, processing and using quantitative data to raise the ambition of states to reduce the impact of the transport sector on the environment.

Organised by:


  • Prisca Lablonde, Douala Urban Mobility Project Coordinator, Communauté Urbaine de Douala
  • Arnauld Philippe Ndzana, Technical Advisor, Yaoundé Urban Community
  • Valérie Ongolo Zogo, Technical Advisor to the Minister of Transport, Cameroon
  • Fabrice Zapfack, Co-founder and CTO, Data 354

This session is moderated by:

  • Charlène Kouassi, Director, Movin On LAB Africa