Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit

Transport Systems Adaptation


Adapting to climate change concerns all sectors of activity. Transport is no exception, whether it’s the movement of people or the transport of goods. Although infrastructure is largely shared between these two sub-sectors, they also each have their own specific characteristics, and adaptation is as much about infrastructure as it is about transport operations.
What’s more, transport is largely an induced activity, and therefore has many connections with other sectors of human activity. How will climate change affect the way human societies function, and hence the need for transport? And how will the quality of tomorrow’s transport services (which will be subject to many hazards) require adaptations in other sectors of activity?
Finally, in what way should climate change mitigation measures – which by their very nature limit the need for adaptation – themselves be adapted to the future climate?
These are the different dimensions that we will attempt to address during the round table.