Publication of the eMag #5 Sustainable Mobility and Transport with Afrik 21!

The fifth issue of the eMag of Climate Action in Africa exposes the obstacles and highlights the solutions provided by electric mobility to accelerate the low-carbon transition of transport systems in Africa in an inclusive manner.

The eMag#5 Sustainable Mobility and Transport is out!

Are electro-mobilities adapted to African contexts? How can they be made more accessible and inclusive?

Summary :

The Observatory’s Lens

  • Should Africa head towards electric mobility?, Yao Tsoekeo Amedokpo, Researcher, Laboratoire Villes Mobilités Transports from Ecole des ponts ParisTech

Special Segment by Afrik 21

  • The latest on leading electromobility initiatives in Africa, Benoit-Ivan Wansi, journalist, Afrik 21

What is the place of electric mobility in sustainable transport systems in Africa?

  • Access to electromobility in rural areas and women empowerment, Shantha Bloemen, Managing Director of Mobility for Africa
  • Humanitarian Innovation for an inclusive e-mobility, Shaukatali Hussein, Founder of Tanzania Open Innovation Organisation

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