Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit

Caring for Our Soils


What is soil health and the many environmental services that soils can provide? This workshop will address several key aspects of soil health and climate change. A number of key initiatives in Wallonia and Europe will be presented, covering a range of uses (agriculture, forestry and urban areas). These actions in the agricultural environment will cover carbon farming practices, actions undertaken as part of the Walloon Recovery Plan for Soil Monitoring and Agro-Ecological Transition (TERRAE), followed by a presentation of actions to combat erosion. The forestry component will be addressed by highlighting a training initiative on soil quality in forestry to increase the dissemination and use of soil quality diagnostics in forestry to adapt forestry practices to soil resilience. The urban component will be outlined in terms of the fight against sealing and decontamination using nature-based solutions.