Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

Smart soil


With increasing population and industrialization, soils and green spaces in transportation infrastructure can play a central role in modern ecosystems. If managed sustainably, they have a high potential for carbon sequestration and can also address the challenges of reducing erosion, increasing biodiversity, and increasing resistance and resilience to extreme climate events (e.g., flooding). This session will provide an opportunity to clarify concepts and present practical African cases.

Organized in partnership with :

This session will be moderated by :

  • Emmanuel Sorret, Transport Project Manager, Egis


  • Amath Ndiaye, Department Chief of the Travel Observatory, CETUD 
  • Lorenzo Rossi, Lead Scientist, Soil.is
  • Fatma Niang, DEEC Minstère de l’environnement du Sénégal
  • Lamine Diatta, DEEC, Ministère de l’environnement du Sénégal
  • Samba Fall, ENDA Environnement