Deployment of Technological, Ecological and Environmental Innovations for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction in Young People’s Environments

Our organisation's vision is to promote the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Union's 2060 Agenda.

An initiative of Pan-African Group of Student Associations in Cameroon (RAEC)

Overview of the project

PDITED-Jeunes aims to raise awareness, educate, train and build the capacity of young people in agricultural resilience and climate change by converting biomass waste into biochar.
It involves mobilising the players and resources needed to implement and deploy innovative technologies linked to ecological resilience to take greater account of the environment, not only to reduce the impact of the use of chemical fertilisers on agricultural produce, but also, and above all, to help improve people’s living conditions through the use of fuels that are harmless and less harmful to mankind, while enabling biochar producers to escape poverty by carrying out income-generating activities through the sale of ecological charcoal to households and producers.


Building young people's skills in the circular economy.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

Octobre 2022- octobre 2025

Quantitative results

1) Around 30% of households manage their waste better.
2) 3 partners are supporting the initiative
3) 60% more girls than boys are interested in the initiative.
4) More than 50 producers are satisfied with the biochar.
5) 10% of the 100 young people trained are self-sufficient.

Qualitative results

1) Greater consideration for the environment
2) Inclusive innovation
3) Girls are more interested than boys
4) Agricultural yields are higher and products are increasingly healthy.
5) Several young people are developing the activity to become self-sufficient.


With its own funds and with support (logistical, material and technical) from partners.

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About the

Pan-African Group of Student Associations in Cameroon (RAEC)

Alliant Chany SITCHEU FANI
Founder president

Our organisation’s vision is to promote the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Union’s 2060 Agenda. In terms of activities, we are structured into commissions:

1) Commission for Research and Sustainable Development of Territories (CORDDET), whose main mission is to strengthen the capacities and performance of local territorial organisations (decentralised territorial authorities, town halls, CSOs, youth clubs and groups, etc.) struggling with the impacts of climate change in Cameroon and Africa.

2) Sport and Development Commission (COMISPORTD), whose main mission is to promote community development through sport and entertainment for local populations.

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  • N'lonako Valley Authority Specialized Incubator Center (NVA-SIC)

    Centre d'incubation agréé

    Dr. FOKAM Olivier
  • Institut Supérieur de Management du Manengouba ( ISMAM Nkongsamba)

    Institution Universitaire privée

    M. DJANKOU NKUISSI Gabriel Raoul

    Incubateur d'entreprises et pôle de développement agricole.

    Mme. DASSI Nadia