Dressing Smart

Via the marketing campaign entitled "#AdopteLaFripe" the Collectif Démarqué and its partners hope to demonstrate how buying second hand and being stylish can go together and how this will benefit the Earth as it avoids contributing to the unsustainable fast fashion cycle.

An initiative of Collectif Démarqué

Overview of the project

The initiative #AdopteLaFripe is the first step in the Dressing Smart campaign that takes place over 2 months in two stages:

August 2018 :
– Seeking partnerships (influencers, thrift shops, …)
– Campaign teaser
– Sending the press release

Promoting the campaign within eco-friendly and ethical fashion environments.

– The movement should expand and grow !

September 2018 :
–  Competition for 15 to 25 year olds

The idea? For participants to take a picture of themselves wearing 100% second hand or thrifted items and sharing it on social media with the hashtag #adoptelafripe !
– With the help of influential partners, picking a winner!
– Presenting the prize in a partner thrift shop !


Position second hand or "thrifted" items as a solution and alternative to the fast fashion industry.

Level of progress


Quantitative results

When the campaign first started, the collectif démarqué got 76 Instagram followers in the first 10 days with 3 posts.

Qualitative results

Committed influencers and thrift shops participating in the competition are satisfied with the way everything went and are ready to follow the following campaigns. On the long term, buying second hand is becoming a new habit for young people.


Financed by WECF..

About the

Collectif Démarqué

Charlène Grillet
Project manager

Promoting sustainable fashion for Youth.

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