We are a company specialising in agribusiness and the recycling of plastic and agricultural waste.

An initiative of Happygirl

Overview of the project

This initiative, which involves training women in recycling, was born out of our participation in the Engineering for humanity 2022 challenge organised by ingénieur sans frontière Norvège and its partners.
During the challenge, we put forward an innovative, environmentally-friendly construction solution that not only saves water and energy but also, and above all, saves sand, which is still the world’s most exploited solid resource.
As a result, we have been awarded the prize for best innovation of the year 2022 and have now decided to give priority to training women in this innovative way of building.


Give priority to training women and girls in sustainable engineering, so that they can enter the civil engineering professions more easily.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

Project still in course

Quantitative results

We will be training around ten women/girls each year and will be implementing the good practices introduced as part of the training.

Qualitative results

Nearly a hundred people are interested in what we do.


We mainly received technical support.
We have also received donations from friends and family.

About the


Kêmy Elary ADJAGAN
+229 97568594

We are a company specialising in agribusiness and the recycling of plastic and agricultural waste. We provide training in sustainable engineering, including recycling and best practice in innovative, environmentally-friendly construction.

Other partners / supporters

First of all, we received the prize from ingénieur sans frontière Norway. We then received training in innovative construction materials at the Songhaï regional centre’s pottery as part of the Nexus project run by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, and we are currently undergoing training in digitising our training as part of the e-tchité project run by Expertise France and its partners.