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Environmental education and awareness-raising project in schools in North Kivu province

RIMEDI is an organisation incorporated under Congolese law, which has been providing humanitarian aid since 2020.

An initiative of Réseau d'initiatives, des métiers pour le développement intégral( RIMEDI)

Overview of the project

 An initiative in the field of environmental education and learning about good governance of natural resources in the DRC, which has become a key issue for the survival of many households.
Ecole = space to make the most of to raise awareness, inform and train future environmental players, future managers and decision-makers. According to WWF (2013), current and future generations know less and less about the nature that surrounds us because urban life has become modern and the human-nature connection is often neglected.
Children are neglected in the decision-making process, and this is a major challenge.
Il We need to improve knowledge of biodiversity on the one hand, and environmental issues on the other, while encouraging young people to share and debate the legal texts that have been promulgated and the international conventions ratified by the DRC.
La environmental education is an educational programme that aims to increase knowledge of the key roles that forests play in sustaining life on our planet. The programme aims to instil in children a sense of responsibility towards their environment, encouraging them to reconnect with the natural world around them.
Pour a healthy lifestyle, children need to be educated to adopt a positive attitude towards the environment in order to develop an awareness and a sense of participation. They should be helped to acquire knowledge of ecological principles aimed at maintaining a balance between individual health, the health of society and the environment.


O.G. Environmental education: informing, raising awareness, educating, training through and for the environment, contact with the natural environment. the environment, contact with the natural environment. SO1. Raise young people's awareness of environmental responsibility to ensure the health and well-being well-being and sustainable development of the country. SO2. Encourage young people to become actively involved and collaborate with local authorities in cleaning up and protecting green spaces and playgrounds. OS3. Stimulate interest in acquiring knowledge about the wealth and natural heritage of the natural heritage, as well as on the rational management and conservation of biodiversity. Information on the socio-economic, cultural, scientific and tourist importance of forest ecosystems forest ecosystems, wildlife and green spaces.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

01 Octobre 2023- 31 Septembre 2024

Quantitative results

50 schools around Virunga Park are selected.
50,000 pupils and university students are educated and made aware of the need to protect the environment.
200 community leaders committed to protecting the environment and the park in particular
The destruction of the park has been reduced to 80% and children are protecting the park themselves
Family education on the environment is integrated.

Qualitative results

The environmental awareness and education project for schoolchildren has been launched. The
activities are structured and planned.
2. Schools selected, target groups chosen
3. Contacts are made with school heads.
4. The teams responsible for developing the various themes are identified, equipped and ready to work.
in place. The various modules are developed
5. Deployment in the selected schools is effective.
6. Talks and competitions are organised
7. Teaching aids produced and distributed, posters produced and displayed
8. Clean city and/or clean school days are organised.
9. Guided tours are organised
10. Events and activities are publicised in the media

About the

Réseau d'initiatives, des métiers pour le développement intégral( RIMEDI)

Immaculée VIVALYA

RIMEDI is an organisation incorporated under Congolese law, which has been providing humanitarian aid since 2020. With a presence in 3 provinces, including North Kivu, Kinshasa and Ituri, and 3 projects, RIMEDI provides assistance in the following areas: health and hygiene, education, quality teaching and national volunteering, human rights (gender equality, preventing and combating violence against children and women, migration), humanitarian aid (prevention, emergency relief and rehabilitation), food security, access to water. RIMEDI works to protect the environment.

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