Promotion of agro-ecology in Senegal

ENDA PRONAT aims to contribute to the improvement of food security and income of producers through the promotion of production systems and valorization of agricultural products through the promotion of agroecological techniques.

An initiative of ENDA PRONAT

Overview of the project

Within the framework of the Transformative Agenda, Agro-ecology is a form of transition that calls for many changes in production and consumption patterns, in mentalities, at several levels of scale. The promotion of agroecological practices among producers allows for greater resilience and productivity while taking into account the environment through the rational use and management of natural resources. Local actions are accompanied by synergy and dialogue with other actors working in the field but also with state partners.


Promotion of agro-ecology in our intervention areas and at the national level.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

Project still in progress

Quantitative results
  • More than 1,000 producers supervised on 3022 ha in 2019 in our different intervention zones
  • Training on agroecology in the form of farmer field schools each season in the different zones on specific issues
  • More than 50 ha developed in Guédé for 520 families and more than 40 million of funds were turned over for the acquisition of agricultural materials for the benefit of producers
  • 1132 producers have put 1654 hectares under assisted natural regeneration in the communes of Diouroup, Tattaguine, Koussanar and Ndoga Babacar
  • More than 10,000 people (producers, elected officials, local authorities) have been made aware of the challenges of land reform in the Niayes, the groundnut basin and eastern Senegal
Qualitative results
  • Combining and adopting several practices at the level of producers such as fertilization, reforestation, assisted natural regeneration, etc., but also at the level of the terroir such as the setting of defences or the local convention
  • Sharing of experiences between peers and between actors
  • Collaboration with the communes
  • Lead and currently the secretariat at the level of the national dynamics for the agro-ecological transition in Senegal (DYTAES) (which could be the subject of an initiative sheet).

Agro-ecology remains the flagship action of Enda Pronat. It is the object of multiple financing that converge towards the promotion of agro-ecology. Some support the development and materials, others the trainings, and still others the dynamics with its advocacy actions.

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Enda Pronat (environment development action for the natural protection of the land), created in 1982, started its activities for a study and then awareness-raising on the dangers linked to the abusive use of pesticides and chemical products in agriculture. Little by little, it has worked on alternatives to chemical products and has embraced different areas related to agriculture such as land, product development, environmental education, gender, and the preservation/regeneration of natural resources. All these themes are currently found in agro-ecology.
Enda Pronat intervenes in the agro-ecological zones of the niayes, the Senegal River (Guédé), in Tambacounda (Koussanar) in the groundnut basin.
Enda Pronat has initiated or is a member of many networks related to the themes addressed. On the issues of land tenure, farmer seeds, agro-ecology, it keeps the lead at the national level (like CRAFS, DYTAES, FENAB, etc.) and also works internationally (COPAGEN, etc.).

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A project
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  • La dynamique pour la transition agroecologique au Sénégal (DYTAES)

    societe civile

    Enda Pronat (qui assure le secrétariat de la dynamique)
Other partners / supporters

Several financings with partners like WFD, EU, Spanish cooperation, Misereor, etc.