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AVS-Green Agriculture Senegal

ILEMO is a firm specialized in training in employability and entrepreneurship. The AVS project aims to encourage farmers to avoid the use of pesticides in order to help preserve the environment, and reduce negative effects on the climate.

An initiative of ILEMO-Institut de Leadership et d'Entreprenariat Mobile / Institute of Leadership and Mobile Entrepreneurship

Overview of the project

The idea is to conduct an inventory of the communes with high concentrations of livestock farmers in the regions of Fatick, Kaolack, and Thiès, where trees are often cut down to serve as cattle feed during the dry season. It is important to understand that these people do this because they have no other solution. Their means are limited, and at a certain period of the dry season, starvation starts to affect the animals.

After organizing awareness campaign days on the harmful effects of these practices on the environment and climate change, we will offer training modules on good agricultural and breeding practices.

We will promote forage crop, which provides the stockbreeders food for their cattle without cutting trees or spending much money. These activities will be implemented in common agreement with the populations, who will remain the main actors, with the facilitation of the access to the land, and with the decision-makers who can grant material and means for the realization of these activities, like the Ministry of Breeding and Livestock Production, the ANCAR, etc.


The objective of the project is to encourage all farmers to use only organic fertilizer from cow dung and dead leaves transformed into compost to avoid the use of pesticides in order to participate in the preservation of the environment and reduce the harmful effects on the climate.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

Project still in progress

Quantitative results

We have targeted 3 regions: Fatick, Kaolack and Thiès.

  • We are at 10 communes: Tattaguine, Fissel, Diouroup, Fatick, Mbélacadiao, Thiomby, Diarrere, Ndiob, Diakhao, and Thiaré Ndialgui. Our objective is to do the work in all communes of these regions.
  • We have conducted awareness campaigns on good agricultural and breeding practices, and on forage crop in: Tattaguine, Thiomby, Thiaré Ndialgui, Fissel, Fatick, Mbélacadiao
  • An average of 40 people attend our sessions
Qualitative results

People who attend our awareness and training sessions:

  • Are satisfied and fully support our cause
  • Aspire to develop a perimeter for forage crops
  • The expert Amadou Ndiaye has helped develop more than 15 sites, and many requests are made, but we are waiting for the rainy season
  • Many breeders want to turn to intensive breeding

We did some of our activities while on assignment at IFC. But after the end of the project, we had to continue to work, so as not to leave all that had been achieved.

About the

ILEMO-Institut de Leadership et d'Entreprenariat Mobile / Institute of Leadership and Mobile Entrepreneurship

Ngor Ndeb LOUM
Trainer / Coach - consultant in employability and entrepreneurship
(+221) 77 674 82 79

ILEMO is primarily specialized in training in employability and entrepreneurship. In the activities that we carry out, we reserve an important place for the environment and climate by training breeders and farmers on:

  • Good agricultural practices
  • Good breeding practices
  • Agroecology
  • The techniques to curb levels of emissions

We then organize awareness campaigns on the preservation of the environment because certain stockbreeders, especially in rural areas, cut the trees for the animals before the rainy season.

Finally, we organize training on active citizenship. This allows the participants to have a positive state of mind, which promotes the preservation of the environment, thus contributes to progress against climate change.

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Other partners / supporters

We are constantly looking for partners because there is a lot to do to help the breeders, and the means are very limited.