The Lycée Français Jean Monnet in Brussels is running an Erasmus+ project on water with eco-delegates aged 9 to 15 from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Four meetings are planned to explore water-related issues. In May, the Brussels high school will host a climate conference.

An initiative of Lycée Français Jean Monnet

Overview of the project

The aim of this project is to enable French schools in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg that have been awarded the EFE3D (French schools abroad with a sustainable development approach) and Eco-School labels to pool their practices in terms of sustainable development actions, thanks to exchanges and groupings between the schools’ ESD referents and eco-delegates. They will be accompanied and supported in their projects by local partners. These meetings will provide an opportunity to identify issues that are specific to high schools, depending on their geographical location, but also common to all. These will be discussed at a final meeting in 2024 at a COP (modelled on the Framework Convention of the United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change), where appropriate solutions can be identified and implemented, or even modelled for other schools in the country. The project is therefore in line with the aim of promoting and developing civic values among students, through the eco-delegates, while enabling them to achieve disciplinary and cross-disciplinary learning objectives, at both primary and secondary level.


To raise awareness of water issues among children aged 9 to 15 in 3 countries (Belgium/Luxembourg/Netherlands), and come up with concrete proposals for preserving water within the school and its community.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

01/09/2022 - project still in progress

Quantitative results

The project is still in progress.
Here are the objectives we hope to achieve by the end of June 2024:
– 120 students from 9 to 15 involved in 3 countries
– a COP representing 8 countries and 3 groups of experts in Brussels in May 2024
– 4 measures, to preserve water and its quality, decided by the students during the COP for each of the 3 schools to be implemented over the 2024/2025 school year.
If this project is a success, the aim is to continue it from September 2024 with other schools in Wallonia, in order to share best practices.

Qualitative results

Thanks to the various partners involved, this proposal makes it possible to develop and create synergies between the educational, associative and municipal sectors. It has a major impact on the educational sector, since it involves a large number of schools and pupils in a global reflection on the environment, carried out with local partners, as well as others such as Tara Océan, Fondation Iris and its “Europe by the oar” project to combat water pollution.


Erasmus + European funding, own funds and Fondation Iris

About the

Lycée Français Jean Monnet

Aline Herber
E3D Referent

The French Lycée Jean Monnet in Brussels is carrying out an Erasmus + COP project on water with eco-delegates aged 9 to 15. The project brings together eco-delegates from 3 countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. 4 meetings have been organized, one in each country to discover the country and its water issues, and one in Paris to meet the Iris Foundation, which carried out the Europe rowing mission, and to meet researchers and experts on water quality and microplastic pollution. Finally, from May 22 to 24, the Brussels high school will welcome all the eco-delegates and project partners for 3 days of COP. Each group of eco-delegates will represent a country of the world or a group of experts.

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