Cycle Up

Cycle Up is an innovative company specialised in reusing building materials. The aim of this company is to simplify and make accessible the circular economy especially in the construction sector.

An initiative of Cycle Up

Overview of the project

Cycle Up project consists of:

  • optimizing the crossing between supply and demand in terms of reusing materials in order to bring together the different actors of the branch: owners, prime contractors, architects, engineers, professional knackers and builders
  • identifying all available materials and references depending on the possibility of reusing them: disposal products, surplus construction sites, scrap, unsold or surplus trading … The platform is also a place of innovation and pedagogy: a dedicated area includes illustrated examples of re-use, bibliographies, fact sheets and invites designers , engineers and architects to propose new valuation concepts.

Reuse services to help sellers and buyers make the most of their untapped resources:

  • Diagnosis of resources
  • Assistance with reuse project management
  • Accompanying “Turnkey re-use”
  • Assembly of expertise (pollution diagnosis, technical testing)
  • Advice, design and feasibility
  • Reuse training.


Cycle Up is also part of a logic of social and territorial development, as it proposes to local companies and integration companies to become partners to develop dedicated services.


Simplifying and making accessible the circular economy in the building sector.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

2017 - today

Quantitative results

Already dozens of circular transactions with avoiding carbon emissions and boosting local and social job creation.

Qualitative results

Establishing a community of precursors that mobilize all the construction actors.


Fund-raising - Intrapreneurial start-up

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About the

Cycle Up

Sébastien Duprat

Cycle Up is an innovative company specialised in reusing building materials.

The model of this company forms for the first time, a global response for the construction sector as it offers complementary services.

An online market place, :

Accessible to professionals. was created to optimise the crossing between the supply and demand in reusing building materials and to bring together all actors of the branch: owners, prime contractor, architects, engineers, professional knackers and builders.