Mangrove resoration project in the South of Benin (Kpomassè Village)

The Beninese NGO Pauly Afrique Bio works to protect the planet through awareness-raising activities, forest restoration, promotion of green jobs, recycling and the fight against plastic pollution, and inclusion of women in the ecological transition.

An initiative of ONG PAULY AFRIQUE BIO

Overview of the project

The project starts from the observation of the loss and damage in coastal areas because of the phenomena of erosion, the drought and the silting up of the waters, the absence or the disappearance of the halieutic species and the difficulties of blooming of the populations of the commune of Kpomassè.

Our organization carried out a survey and made a site visit to see the effects of global warming on the village. We then decided to work on the restoration of the mangrove ecosystem which allows to sequester of greenhouse gases and to recreate a secure habitat for the reproduction and the nidation of animals: fish, crabs, shrimps, birds, monkeys, reptiles but also for the growth of medicinal plants.

The project involves the town council, the village chief, the pioneers and the youth and women’s groups, to organize the planting of 5,000 mangrove trees that cover a previously destroyed area. In return, the indigenous people take part in the initiative by taking care of the monitoring and maintenance of the plants. This experimental phase has allowed the effective involvement of the beneficiaries.


This mangrove restoration project aims to plant at least 5,000 mangrove trees in Kpomassè, in the village of Nanzoumè.

Level of progress

Pilote operation, experimentation

Project timeline

02/02/2022 - 12/31/2023

Quantitative results

100% satisfaction of the beneficiaries,
Planting of 6,000 mangrove trees.

Qualitative results
  • The village wishes to continue the reforestation actions,
  • The project has aroused a lot of interest from the different actors involved,
  • Creation of jobs in the village.

Financing on the NGO PAULY AFRICA BIO's own funds.

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About the


Oréola Paulette Atchade Savimbi

The Beninese NGO PAULY AFRICA BIO has for missions:

  • The protection of the planet against human activities leading to the destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity,
  • Awarness-raising and training on the climate issues and ecological actions for populations, in priority children and young people,
  • The restoration of forest landscapes and wetlands,
  • The promotion and creation of green jobs,
  • The fight against the use of plastic bags,
  • The empowerment and involvement of women in the fight against climate change,
  • Recycling in all its forms (creation of carbon sinks and capacity building).
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Other partners / supporters

With the collaboration of :

  • The Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development of Benin,
  • The forestry inspection of the Atlantic,
  • The town hall of KPOMASSÈ,
  • The women and youth groups of the commune.