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PlantC unites companies and citizens in the adaptation of rural areas in Belgium, involving planting and ecological networking with the financial support of partners.

An initiative of PlantC

Overview of the project

PlantC federates rural players, companies and citizens around the theme of adapting our rural territories to global change.
In concrete terms, PlantC carries out projects to plant and develop ecological networks
– in the agricultural sector: planting hedges on plots subject to erosion, to host crop auxiliaries, for fodder production, renewable energy, windbreaks, etc. But also planting high-stem orchards or anti-erosion strips.
– in forestry: support for the replanting of forest stands affected by sanitary/climatic problems, using a multitude of species adapted to each site, in a context of global warming.
PlantC provides technical and project management expertise to farmers and forest owners. Local companies provide financial support for these initiatives, as part of their ESG policy. Citizens also have the opportunity to contribute to nearby projects.
Each project is followed up by a multi-stakeholder meeting in the field: farmers/foresters, companies and citizens are brought together to discuss and compare their realities.
Today, the results of this project are highly encouraging, and foreshadow the growing role of companies in the voluntary financing of nature-based solutions.


Contribute to the development of Belgium's ecological network and the adaptation of our rural areas to global change by planting hedges and trees.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

24/10/20-"project still in progress"

Quantitative results
  • Number of trees planted in forests: 97406
  • Number of meters of hedges planted in agricultural areas: 16948 m
  • Estimated CO2 sequestration for all projects over 20 or 30 years (depending on the project): 11537 tCO2
  • 37 foresters supported
  • 24 farmers supported
  • 72 companies financed these actions
Qualitative results

The project demonstrates the interest of all stakeholders in contributing to the adaptation of our rural territory through nature-based solutions, via a self-supporting financing mechanism. It also helps recreate social links between players who know little about each other.


Contributions from private companies and individuals

About the


Lucas Gossiaux
Administrateur délégué

PlantC federates rural players, companies and citizens around the theme of adapting our rural territories to global change.
In concrete terms, the project consists of implementing planting projects and developing ecological networks in agricultural and forestry environments in Belgium.
PlantC works with farmers and forest owners to provide technical expertise and help set up projects. Businesses and the general public provide financial support to make these actions possible.

Other partners / supporters

Royal Forest Society of Belgium