The S5/35/500 Coastal Sailing Project consists of transferring goods from road to sea along the Atlantic coast.

An initiative of ANEF - Association Nantaise Ecoconception FluvioMaritime

Overview of the project

Changing our development model also means changing our outlook. Faced with the growing complexity of the issues and constraints of economic life, it is still possible to change the outlook, the scale and the development model; A cooperative ecosystem of cargo ships for the Secondary Ports of the Atlantic. Building modes of production, circulation and exchange that consume less fossil energy, while enhancing the know-how of the trades and the skills of the territories, would also be to propose another vision of geography to reinvest the maritime domain as a space for cooperation. A vast movement is already underway in this area.

Economic priorities will soon be focused on access to resources and will call for local production capacities. In this context, some territories could thus benefit from the situation without having to equip themselves with extensive logistics infrastructures. In such a project, a feasible operating scale for an economy anchored in local life could be the space of the diversity of the territories of the Atlantic Arc and thus create a dynamic of resilience by pooling and exchanging their resources and conserving their quality of life and their environment, aligning with the decarbonisation objectives for 2050.


This initiative, bearing the seeds of a socio-economic reorganisation in a coastal area (the common base for all the inhabitants of the catchment areas concerned), rehabilitates neglected ports by offering existing infrastructures to decongest roads. It sets up a reciprocity of flows between these ports and the international ones, creating direct links for cooperation between establishments, including the actors of the local economy and relocation.

Level of progress

Feasibility study, diagnosis

Project timeline

2015, project still in progress

Quantitative results
  • A constructive dialogue network of several hundred participants from the coast of Biscay to the Celtic Sea.
  • A project for a 500-ton sailing coaster (USM).
  • A map of maritime routes to be rehabilitated.
  • A mapping of the socio-economic model.
Qualitative results
  • Collaborative project with companies: Biocoop, Aura Group, Knarr.
  • A research capital that allows social appropriation by setting up cooperatives to create local and regional jobs in the service of the “zero emission” value chain.

It is part of the new financing tools stemming from the European Green Deal to enable the exit from the fossil fuel model.
Outstanding local investment and savings mobilisation facilities.

About the

ANEF - Association Nantaise Ecoconception FluvioMaritime

Frederic Fantou

The S5/35/500 coastal sailing project consists of transferring goods from road to sea along the Atlantic coast, by creating direct links between maritime countries/coastal ports and islands, for local cooperation.

The aim is to test a coastal shipping pilot with the following characteristics:

  • a 500-ton coastal vessel with modern sails under the French flag.
  • a regular exchange zone grouping together 4/5 ports for a full-scale freight test.
  • a systemic break integrated into the freight service impacting the social reception of the project.
Other partners / supporters
  • Local authorities: Nantes Metropolitan area, Port of Bayonne, Pays de la Loire Region.
  • Inclusion in strategic initiatives; North Atlantic – Western Channel (NAMO) strategy.
  • Private partners.