Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture: a solution in the fight against climate change and malnutrition.

The project is an urban and ecological agriculture development initiative in Niger and aims to contribute to the development of productive agriculture, healthier food and food security.

An initiative of Ferme d’Approvisionnement en Semences Adaptées et Matériels (FASAM Terre Verte)

Overview of the project

The Kit Potager Domestique (KPD) Project: an initiative to develop urban and ecological agriculture in Niger.
The major challenge for agriculture in West Africa in the coming years is to meet the food needs of a growing and increasingly urbanized population. In Niger, the mission of SCOOPS FASAM Terre Verte is to contribute to meeting this challenge. Thus, the Kit Potager Domestique (KPD) initiative and its implementation tool Dimanche Jardinage are popularized to promote sustainable urban agriculture at home. This is a training program in urban and ecological agriculture for citizens of the city of Niamey to install home vegetable gardens. This urban agriculture project is part of Niger’s national agricultural policy “Les Nigériens Nourrissent les Nigériens (3N)” and is in line with the municipal authorities’ policy to develop greener cities.
The operational objective is to develop 200 micro-family gardens by December 2020 in collaboration with Niamey city authorities.

The training will provide member households with

  • practical knowledge and pedagogical tools to make gardening a recreational activity
  • a space for sharing experiences and resources.

Through this urban gardening program, FASAM Terre Verte is committed to fighting malnutrition, poverty and climate change while enhancing the facies of the city of Niamey.


To contribute to the development of an agriculture that produces food that is increasingly healthy for consumption and fully plays its role in food security.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

Projet toujours en cours

Quantitative results

The fourth Sunday Gardening Workshop (since February 2020) was held on Sunday, June 13, 2021, in Niamey. On this date, 51 urban households were introduced to the process of setting up micro home gardens. The financial support of the French cooperation in Niger will allow to equip 30 of them with kits for domestic vegetable production. A domestic vegetable garden kit is made up of a lombri-composting machine, a set of seeds and farming and crop maintenance materials. Thus, the Sunday Gardening Workshops of the Home Garden Kit Project will continue until December 2021 with a bi-monthly frequency.

Qualitative results

The Sunday gardening workshops initiated within the framework of the Home Garden Kit Project are tools for raising awareness among city dwellers about the agricultural potential of urban cities, in particular those of concessions (courtyards, terraces, indoor premises, etc.), and for raising the issue of the quality of food in the city due to conventional agriculture, which is responsible for numerous so-called “generational” diseases. Through this activity and the participation of actors of sustainable development, many questions are raised and avenues of reflection on the self-production of its fruits and vegetables are noticed among the beneficiaries of training.


Différents partenaires participent à la mise en œuvre de l’initiative Kit Potager Domestique (KPD):

Partenaire financier: Ambassade de France au Niger https://youtu.be/gWPv2bJckNU
Partenaires techniques: Association Initiatives Climat Afrique Francophone (ICAF) et l’Institut de Recherches et de Développement (IRD)

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Ferme d’Approvisionnement en Semences Adaptées et Matériels (FASAM Terre Verte)

Boubacar Djibo Almoustapha
Administrateur Général

The Cooperative Society FASAM-Terre Verte is a social enterprise created in 2016 and became a simplified cooperative society in 2020. It is a company of agricultural expertise and rural development that designs, creates, develops and maintains all types of agro systems (gardens, orchards and large fields). It brings its expertise in the production and valorization of agricultural products, the structuring of farmers’ organizations and the development of green jobs in Niger.
Our core business is the design, supply and installation of ecological and above ground market gardening systems for terraces, yards, gardens and indoor premises.

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  • Association Initiatives Climat Afrique Francophone (ICAF)


    Benoit Théau
Other partners / supporters
  1. Niamey City Hall
  2. The High Commission for the 3N Initiative