Forging adaptations to the effects of climate change

The Climate Change Lab aims to "do, learn and share" to tackle the effects of climate change.

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Overview of the project

La forge d’adaptations nord-sud (The forge of North-South adaptations) is an original initiative that won the ADEME’s 2021 call for proposals. It has enabled 1,000 pages of documentation to be co-authored and distributed under open licence, based on “patent-free application prototypes” proposed by organisations from more than 11 French-speaking countries. The aim is to rapidly share solutions for dealing with the effects of climate change. All the deliverables are in the commons and available here: It is at once a proof of concept, a replicable process, a documentary resource and a fraternal Francophone coalition. This experimental project has been deployed in 11 French-speaking countries. Find us on the web with the tag #forgeCC and publications from all of us!


Doing, learning and sharing in the face of the effects of climate change.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Quantitative results

30 field workshops offered to over 1,000 participants in West and Central Africa. 1,000 pages of documentation on teaching methods and the reconstruction of objects in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Qualitative results

A proof of concept of the possibility of eliminating all exclusivity in a rapid and frugal international approach to the co-production of open solutions. A resource that can be exploited to create any curriculum combining low-tech Sustainable Development Objectives and local needs. A contract of common ground, eliminating all exclusivity, signed by more than 24 organisations in the French-speaking world. A protocol and digital platform that can be replicated by all. An original coalition combining institutional partners, micro-organisations and the field. An unprecedented process based on trust, transdisciplinarity and sharing.


This project won the first ADEME Call for Proposals and was also funded by the Association Internationale des Maires Francophones and the Orange Foundation International. See our partners here: LesPartenaires

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Climate Change Lab

Hugues AUBIN

The Climate Change Lab aims to “do, learn and share” to tackle the effects of climate change. It is deploying its actions by combining cooperation and sharing in the common good of humanity, drawing in particular on its historic networks forged with fablabs during the coronavirus crisis. Key words: cooperation, sharing for the common good, distributed manufacturing and relocation of solutions. The Climate Change Lab has produced and documented more than 30 solution-making workshops in the French-speaking world in 2022-23 as part of the common good.

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