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Project for the protection and conservation of plant and animal biodiversity

This project is especially for farmers organisations as it aims to strengthen and develop both their technical and organisational skills.

An initiative of NGO ALED-TOGO

Overview of the project

Togo has vast arable land, a favorable climate for agriculture and a young a hardworking population. With very high unemployment rates, Togo is facing the risk of food insecurity. With this in mind, Togo has benefited, the past 5 years, of large investments from governments and its partners in order to fight against unemployment, poverty and to ensure food security via diverse strategies and programmes.

Although efforts were put in place, a lot is left to be done especially by non-state organisations. This project consists in professionally, scientifically and more technically organising farmers, and mostly farmers organisations via awareness workshops, advice support, recycling, trainings etc…

Three types of trees will be planted in large numbers all over the target area of the project after all concerned actors are aware of the situation.This actions includes three big phases:

  • Facilitation of agriculture
  • Capacity building and raising awareness of agropastoral organizations
  • Action monitoring, evaluation and implementation

This project is especially for farmers organisations as it aims to strengthen and develop both their technical and organisational skills.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

As soon as funds are ensured.

Quantitative results
  • 75 000 planted trees
  • 250 groups reinforce their management techniques
  • 3 tractors per prefecture are provided to communities in need
  • 30 drills
  • 30 threshers are made available to farmers to make agricultural work easier
Qualitative results
  • agropastoral actors reinforce their skills
  • agriculture and breeding methods are modernised in Togo
  • community organisation and mostly farmers organisations significantly increase

This project is submitted to the partners for funding by the project call for proposals.

About the


Abalo Gnanssa
Consultant in project management
00228 70 44 65 21
  • Educational management of children
  • Support and assist to community organizations
  • Research on climate activities and climate change
  • Constructions of development infrastructures
A project
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    Non-governmental organisation

    TSOLENYANU Komi Agbéko
    00228 38 20 95 73

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