Workshop to simulate management of a heatwave crisis: “Heat Wave In Dakar”

This initiative aimed to raise young people's awareness of global warming by organising a simulation of a heatwave crisis situation to which participants had to respond as quickly as possible.

An initiative of Fondation des Innovateurs de la Nature (Nature Innovators Foundation)

Overview of the project

During this rather special day, a scenario was proposed to the participants:

Let us imagine that the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) have not been reached and Earth’s temperature has greatly exceeded 1.5°C. Faced with this situation, Dakar is going through a major heatwave crisis; the country is in a state of emergency and several societal players (media, order of medical professionals syndicate, NGO syndicate, business community, farmers’ union, police departments, water and energy management, etc.) have been summoned by the prefect to find immediate solutions to manage the crisis and calm the population.

  • How can we regain control of this situation which is getting out of hand?
  • How can we coordinate to avoid  the recently observed “chaos” and best make use of the limited available resources (water, energy, food, medicines, etc.)?

By simulating this catastrophic scenario, the initiative aimed to:

  • Take stock of the progress, achievements and challenges in the fight against climate change.
  • Identify the issues, challenges and roles of civil society actors and trade unions for a fair transition and successful implementation of the Paris Agreement.
  • Create a framework for permanent dialogue between youth associations and the media to promote climate action.

Raise awareness of global warming and seek solutions.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

8 juin 2019

Quantitative results

Creation of a network of development actors, particularly young people.

Qualitative results

Mobilisation of 1000 youth on climate action in Dakar and rural areas.


Our own funds and support from the Dakar regional UNESCO office.

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Fondation des Innovateurs de la Nature (Nature Innovators Foundation)

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Program Manager

The Fondation des Innovateurs de la Nature (Nature Innovators Foundation) is a non-profit organisation of young professionals and volunteers driven by common passions of innovation, creativity and inspired by local natural and cultural resources to efficiently develop communities. Its mission is focused on the promotion of social entrepreneurship through green jobs, global mobilisation of youth around climate issues, and charitable actions that assist rural development.

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