Educational Urban Vegetable Garden

This project focuses on residents of Casablanca and raising awareness on the importance of having green areas in the city. Waste water is reused for irrigation of the urban vegetable gardens.

An initiative of Association de Recherche-Action pour le Développement Durable (ARADD)

Overview of the project

This 1600 m2 educational vegetable garden is watered thanks to the reuse of waste water coming for the Mediouna station. The experimentation areas offer 7 crops = areas (vegetable garden, forests, fruit trees and herb plants...) including:
  • a tree nursery
  • a biodiversity zone
  • a compost area.
Through this project, the Association of Research-Action for Sustainable Development ('Association de Recherche-Action pour le Développement Durable (ARADD)'), with the support of Lydec Foundation, hope to develop an experimentation field for urban and biological farming, to show the feasibility of the reuse of waste water for farming. Also, this will contribute to raising awareness and educating stakeholders (school kids, students, associations, farmers, deputies etc). This innovative project increases visibility on the STEP of Mediouna which is cutting edge technology: biological treatment with a bioreactor enabling to combat water pollution and reuse the water for farming purposes. The urban experimental area is a real solution for sustainable development in Great Casablanca especially in terms of Adaptation to Climate Change. It's also a project that structures and aims to mobilise different stakeholders in favour of the Sustainable Development Goals. This pioneer project could be replicated around Mediouna as its a real solution facing water stress issues in the region.

Raising awareness on the importance of having green areas in the city for reusing waste water for irrigation.

Level of progress

Published research

Quantitative results
A big interest for institutional, academic and private actors
Qualitative results
This projects proves the feasibility of reusing waste waters for green areas and even in some cases, producing food. Raising awareness on different levels on sustainable development and environmental protection.

Funding thanks to partnership with the Lydec Foundation

About the

Association de Recherche-Action pour le Développement Durable (ARADD)

The organisation combines environmental, social and economic concerns for a sustainable development. The areas of expetise are:
  • Research-action
  • Training and support for water engineering projects
  • Agro-ecology
  • Green buildings
  • Waste recycling
  • Renewable energy...