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Empowering Local initiatives through VFL and CBDRM processes

Global Network of Civil Society Organisation for Disaster Reduction wants to gather stakeholders and to give tools to the local communities to empower and include them in the development of local policies.

An initiative of Global Network of Civil Society Organisation for Disaster Reduction

Overview of the project

This initiative is the combination of two different projects to empower and include the views of local communities in the development policies. These projects are titled Institutionalizing community based Disaster Risk Management and View for the Frontline. They intend to empower both government actors and Civil Society Organization to work together while integrating the strong views of the communities.


To Share with the others stakeholders some key tools to improve our development projects impacts.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Quantitative results

We have collected information from numerous countries (23) and from 90 different organizations as source of our findings

Qualitative results

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About the

Global Network of Civil Society Organisation for Disaster Reduction

Regional Development Coordinator

Our organization is Disaster Reduction dedicated organization. The main purpose is to work to reduce communities vulnerability when disasters occur. It is a global network made of CSO. We collaborate with government and advocate for inclusion of local communities and integration of global framework including SDGs, Paris Agreement etc… for coherent development.

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