Forecasting microclimate data

ADENEST works on economic, cultural and social development in the North/East of Ivory Coast and in various sectors : from the climate to food security.

An initiative of ADENEST

Overview of the project

The impact of climate change that the country has gone thorough and will go through could they have been predicted ? Could we have mitigated by anticipating the conseuquebces they would have on the population? This is exactly the project's main focus, answering this double-worry:
  • Breaking away from old concepts for forecasting that have proved to be limited in terms accessing rapid informations from the State in order to guarantee the population's protection
  • By implementing this project, the organisation hopes to contribute to the preventing and limiting consequences of environmental desasters on population through awareness campaigning based on collected forecasts

Forecast microclimate data in order to anticipate consequences such as floods, droughts,, water shortages, bush fires etc.

Level of progress

Prospective study, market survey

Quantitative results
Forecasting actions on the microclimate of Abidjan and San Pedro have already been implemented.
Qualitative results
A better forecast option for anticipating and limiting the catastrophic consequences of weather events on populations.

Volunteer actions until now, hence the urgent need for funding.

About the


San Koffi Raphaël OLLO
The organisation known as ADENAST works on economic, cultural and social development in the North-East region of Ivory Coast in various sectors going from the climate to food security.