Neo Zriba

The association is working on an eco-dome project in Algeria, built using natural materials, with the aim of raising awareness among the inhabitants, and especially the children, of Ihrir oasis about environmental protection and sustainable development.

An initiative of Association Environnement et Développement Durable Algérie / Algerian Environmental and Sustainable Development Association (AEDD)

Overview of the project


An ecological construction project in the region of Illizi in Kabylia, “Eco-dome” participates to the creation of an eco-park in the Ihrir oasis, between the villages of Djanet and Bordj Elhaouas. Based upon a storage technique, biodegradable earth-filled bags are interspersed with galvanised barbed wire, laid on a gravel trench then burnt from the inside to allow the earth to flow in an ochre coloured circular shape. The natural materials and technique are adapted to the mountainous and rocky terrain, as well as to the Saharan climate, thanks to the conscious interpretation of an ancient architectural heritage specific to the Illizi region, the Zriba. The project aims to protect the natural heritage of the Ihrir oasis, while at the same time raising awareness and training young people in ecological building techniques.

  • Overall surface area of the land: Three hectares
  • Surface area to be realised: 30,000 m2
  • Start date: 2018

An experimental centre dedicated to nature and the children of Ihrir Oasis.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Quantitative results

Construction of 11 blocks.

Qualitative results

Construction of an ecological eco-dome.


Algeria National Hydrocarbons Company

About the

Association Environnement et Développement Durable Algérie / Algerian Environmental and Sustainable Development Association (AEDD)

AEDD President

Created in 2013, AEDD is a professional environmental association based in Illizi. AEDD organises and animates meetings, workshops, conferences and trainings, develops dynamics of exchange, and participates in the development of the territory with citizens, as well as private, public and associative actors with the aim of:

  • Stimulating public interest and awareness of the environment and protection of natural resources,
  • Encouraging transition to a green economy and taking advantage of renewable energies,
  • Contributing to increase green space and the fight against desertification, and
  • Implementing environmental projects to meet the needs of civil society.

AEDD promotes exchanges between associations working in the field of ecology, nature, environment and sustainable development.