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Green Pupil’s Training

The Green Student project aims to educate Ivorian youth on environmental and sustainable development concepts by organising various activities throughout the school year.

An initiative of Green Student

Overview of the project

The “Green Pupil” project aims to educate Ivorian youth on the notions of the environment and sustainable development to develop a better understanding of its importance. The programme is built over an entire school year, adapted accordingly to each establishment’s holiday dates and days available for extra-curricular activities (clubs).

–>1st “Green Pupil” Activity Programme

This phase is a series of training sessions held at the host institution. At the end, the “green pupils” will master the basics of sustainable development and know the importance of environmental protection and eco-citizenship. The programme, aiming to enable students to acquire knowledge and know-how in several areas of life, will take place on exceptional days, such as during extra-curricular days for certain establishments, and through the establishments’ clubs.

The training programme is composed of several modules, namely:

  • Theme 1: Global Warming (2 courses: Concepts of global warming, The challenges of global warming)
  • Theme 2: Notion of pollution (2 courses: Definition and types of pollution, Solutions for pollution)
  • Theme 3: Sustainable Development (6 courses: Sources and definition of sustainable development (SD), The principles of SD, The actors of SD, The tools of SD, The sustainable development goals (SDG), Workshop to discuss the obstacles encountered by SD)
  • Theme 4: Eco-citizenship (2 courses: Sources of the concept and definition of eco-citizenship, Eco-citizen actions)
  • Theme 5: Environment and Ecosystem Services (5 courses: Environment, Ecosystem services, Plant service, Soil service, Plantings services)
  • Theme 6: Workshop to develop an ecological project
  • Theme 7: A practical phase of module 5 at the CNF (Centre National de Floristique / National Flora Centre) located at the Felix Houphouët-Boigny University.
    • Consists of putting plant reproduction techniques into practice. The choice of the National Flora Centre is linked to its primary role of rare plant species conservation. The visit will enable young people to become familiar with the forest heritage and to enhance its value.

The different modules (1 to 5) will be presented via a video projector in order to better illustrate the importance of each module, and will be developed to facilitate understanding for each pupil, whatever their education level.

–> 2nd “Green Pupil” Programme

The second programme, entitled “Campus Environment” aims to initiate young people, through training workshops and lectures, to become more interested and immersed in environmental issues. However, this programme will be aimed at the youngest students in the school environment, and will take place as follows:

  • A conference will be organised bringing together all the schools’ pupils. The theme will be the role of children in the fight against the new climate, and will be led by three speakers, including two lecturers and a pupil from the host school who participated in and attended all the modules of the first training programme.
  • The pupil’s intervention aims to:
    • Develop the child’s leadership capabilities by speaking in front of several people;
    • Be a channel of motivation and awareness for the other pupils; and
    • Self-train the pupil in what he/she has learned and retained about the issues and importance of the environment.

The "Green Pupil" project aims to educate Ivorian youth about the environment and sustainable development.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Quantitative results

More than 200 students have already been trained in environmental education.

Qualitative results

A quality and instructive training via pedagogical methods that are appreciated by the students.


By Green Student's own treasury and the establishments.

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Green Student is an ecological association fighting against all forms of pollution, composed mainly of students who love and are passionate about the environment – the Greeners. They fight to safeguard their environmental heritage and seek to raise awareness among young people through educational and practical workshops.

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