Leleal Smart Kit

IPREN-Energy, a peri-urban, rural electrification project planned in the Niamey region, aims to contribute to developing and providing energy access through a photovoltaic solar system.

An initiative of IPREN-Energy

Overview of the project

Leleal is a peri-urban, rural electrification project, which consists of distributing kits composed of:

  • Three 12w/12v solar lamps with three levels of luminosity (low, medium and intense),
  • Two USB ports to charge phones,
  • A 15w/12v stand fan, and
  • A 17-inch TV set (35w/12v).

The system has an autonomy of 12 hours at intense luminosity and more than 24 hours at minimum luminosity.


Contribute to the development and access to energy thanks to a photovoltaic solar system.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Quantitative results

Production of a prototype in experimentation phase in a village of the impacted zone.

Qualitative results

In process of certification by the Centre National des Energies Solaires / National Solar Energy Centre (CENS).


By our own funds and with the support of the IOM through its Enterprise Initiative project (IDE).

About the


  • Design of solar installations
  • Sales and installation of solar equipment (panels, solar pumps, lamps, ventilators, controllers, cable converters, etc.)
  • Assembly workshop for solar kits
  • Realisation of solar power plants
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