Local Development and Climate Change in the Prefecture of Kindia

Vision: By 2025, at national and local levels, all actors will have strengthened their capacity to respond to climate change.

An initiative of Carbone Guinée

Overview of the project

Activities 1:
1.1 Training on integration of climate change adaptation and carbon reduction challenges into local development plans (in collaboration with the NDC; national determined contribution)
1.2 Training in project development (territorial approach to climate, climate compatible)
1.3 Strengthening the capacity of community actors to mobilise financial resources (adaptation funds, private sector, etc.).
Activities 2:
2.1 Training of support structures – advice (integration tools and methodology for the development of local charters).
2.2 Training in the periodic elaboration of the report on the municipal state of the environment
Activities 3:
Information and awareness raising on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) with special access to SDG17.
Programming of interactive radio programme.


To Support community and government initiatives and contributions to climate change in the Kindia prefecture.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

1 February 2021-31 May 2021

Quantitative results
  • 20 people trained in developing climate resilient LDPs (Local Development Plans) /AIPs (Annual Investment Plans)
  • Capacity of 20 actors strengthened in mobilising climate finance
  • Capacity of 20 actors strengthened in the development of a mayors’ charter for the environment
  • Capacity of 20 actors strengthened in the development of an environmental assessment form and in reporting to the National Directorate of Living Environment, Surveillance and Environmental Observation (DNCVSOE).
  • The population takes climate change into account in their daily activities
  • The Kindia rural radio station was the partner in the implementation of 6 interaction missions and 12 broadcasts on climate change, environmental protection and the environment.
Qualitative results
  • Awareness of the negative impact of climate change
  • Mastery of techniques for developing climate change resilient LDPs
  • Mastery of environmental assessment at the communal level
  • Capacity to produce environmental reports and mobilise financial resources
  • Establishment of the climate change commission within the LDP/IPP update or development team
  • Awareness of regulations on ecosystem protection
  • Capacity for micro-projects integrating climate change at the communal level
  • Contribution to the implementation of NDCs through local planning
  • Promotion of sustainable cities

British Embassy in Guinea

About the

Carbone Guinée

Ibrahima SYLLA
National Co-ordinator

By 2025, at national and local levels, all actors will have strengthened their capacity to respond to climate change by improving policies, implementing practical adaptation measures, improving the resilience of ecosystems to the impacts of climate change and implementing low-carbon development initiatives.
To raise, to mobilise and to invest resources to accelerate the implementation of climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience programmes/projects and to sustain development for present and future generations.
Strategic objectives:
To support sustainable responses to climate change.
Protect biodiversity and ecosystem management.

Other partners / supporters

The Kindia Urban Community.