Mbegani bio gas project

Mbegani Rising Cbo focuses on reducing deforestration and increasing forest cover to fight climate change by giving innovative means and tools to the community, and especially to women, to cook for instance.

An initiative of Mbegani Rising Cbo

Overview of the project

We use alternative energy support through bio gas to Mbegani community to reduce deforestation in kwale county kenya. This project benefits women and children. In Mbegani, women spent around 3 hours of their days collecting firewood and creating fires to cook and heat their homes. Now, with the biogas units installed, women no longer need to forage for firewood and can easily and efficiently source fuel. This means more free time to put towards educating themselves at Mbegani’s business incubators and improving their literacy- and when women are educated and empowered, entire communities are elevated. Children also are often confined to domestic chores to help their families and, just like the women of Mbegani, were facing hours of foraging for firewood and breathing in huge quantities of smoke. Biogas provides families with clean and efficient fuel which will improve the health and general quality of life for women and children by freeing children from their more arduous chores and letting them use the three hours they previously spent collecting firewood, now learning and playing.


Reduce deforestration and increased forest cover to fight climate change

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

4/2/2019 - 12/20/2019

Quantitative results

Ten households installed with bio gas each.

Qualitative results

Ensured 50 years of energy supply to the target community’s hence improved forest cover.


Through cooperate social responsibility from a local company

About the

Mbegani Rising Cbo

Ali Mondo
Project officer

Our focus is on the artistic, social and environmental regeneration of the Mbegani community using the arts, culture and heritage as a tool for social change. Our mission is to change mindsets, improve literacy and demonstrate different ways of achieving things in Kwale, Kenya. We want to nurture creativity and eradicate fear of failure through education and support.

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