Board game “Planète genre”

Planet Genre, based on the card game "Seven Families", aims to generate discussions around different families facing climate change in different parts of the world and to illustrate its concrete impacts on different life paths.

An initiative of GERES

Overview of the project

This game of 7 families aims to stimulate discussions around the situations embodied by the characters. Each of the situations described contains information to reflect on the links between gender and climate: the different vulnerabilities, the barriers to be removed, but also how women and men participate in adaptation and mitigation solutions in their respective contexts. In addition to gender, ethnicity, wealth or poverty status, and migration status are all factors to be taken into consideration in understanding the differential impacts of climate change across the world. Each card represents a characteristic character in a region and/or country: France/Morocco, Madagascar, Ecuador, Cambodia, Senegal, Central Asia and the United States. Free of charge, the game is inter-generational and designed for a multi-generational animation. The game is inspired by real-life situations but is obviously not intended to be exhaustive of situations experienced throughout the world.


To provide insights into the links between gender inequalities and differential impacts of climate change.

Level of progress

Pilote operation, experimentation

Project timeline

Décembre 2021 - project still in progress

Quantitative results

1,000 copies were printed and are distributed free of charge in our networks and on request.
On the Geres side, the announcement of the release of the game on the LinkedIn network resulted in many positive reactions (x 7 compared to our average).
The possibilities of translating the game for use in non-French-speaking contexts are being studied.

Qualitative results

The game was presented for the first time just before the F3E network meetings last December. The initiative was welcomed by the first people who played it and ideas for various activities were shared.


The game was developed within the framework of the Social Change Workshop coordinated by the F3E, thanks to the support of the French Development Agency (AFD), the French Foundation (Fondation de France), the Crédit Coopératif Foundation (Fondation du Crédit Coopératif), Secours Catholique (Catholic Relief Services) and the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs.

About the


Saverio Ragazzi
Responsable programme "Energie et Climat"

The game is intended to be accessible to all and is therefore aimed at a wide audience. It is free of charge and is produced within the framework of an association. When a family is brought together by a player, it is placed on the table, the presentation of the family is read out in the accompanying booklet and then the participants are free to discuss the issues facing the family, the impacts on each member, the solutions proposed, and how the gender dimension is important in the fight against climate change.

A project
in collaboration
Other partners / supporters

The game is the result of a close collaboration between BPW, GRET, France Volontaires, Care, Geres, the F3E network and Project Soar.