Decarbonauts Co-decision Assembly

The Decarbonautes promote collective democracy for the equitable decarbonization of the French economy. Their co-decision assembly aims for a national agreement on the climate trajectory. Three options are proposed: regulations, a redistributive carbon tax, or an individual carbon account.

An initiative of Les Décarbonautes

Overview of the project

70 organizations and hundreds of citizens joined us in 3 months. We then asked the government to participate in and fund the Decarbonauts co-decision assembly. We met with ministers’ advisors who supported us. But that’s not enough, so we’re looking to grow to increase the pressure and our resources. If the government doesn’t want us to, we’ll finance it ourselves with the help of parliamentarians and their parties. In any case, the project will be put out to tender, and the contractor will be supervised by Les Décarbonautes and the association Les CRD, founders of the method.
The Décarbonautes co-decision assembly is an innovative approach that has proved its worth in Rennes Métropole and Clermont-Ferrand.
We want to test it on a national level to choose between the only 3 possible ways to decarbonize our economy in a fair and efficient way: regulations and incentives, a redistributive carbon tax or an individual carbon account.


Obtain legitimate and effective legislation to decarbonize our economy, with a socially fair carbon price signal or limitation by individual carbon quotas.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

2023 - 2026

Quantitative results

In Rennes Métropole and Clermont-Ferrand, the citizens’ proposals for ecological, social and democratic transition were adopted 100% by the elected representatives! We’re talking about 40 structuring projects for the region, and a legally enforceable charter that gives citizens democratic rights. Video and details on the website of the association that created it:

Qualitative results

In Rennes Métropole and Clermont-Ferrand: The CNDP (Commission Nationale du Débat Public), elected representatives, local authority staff and citizens selected by lot all said it was exemplary: everyone was very satisfied with the co-decision between elected representatives and citizens.


Experimentation: in response to calls for tender
Movement building and advocacy: volunteering and crowdfunding

About the

Les Décarbonautes

Louis-Marie Blanchard
00 33 670 939 939

Les Décarbonautes propose collective intelligence democracy to decarbonize the French economy in a fair way. This collective is organizing a co-decision Assembly: a method with proven results, for agreement by all parts of the nation on our climate and social trajectory. We must choose between the only 3 possible ways to decarbonize our economy fairly and efficiently: regulations and incentives, a redistributive carbon tax or an individual carbon account.

Other partners / supporters

Who is Les Décarbonautes ( )?
It’s a group of wonderful volunteers who are helping the collective move forward;
Hundreds of citizens and over 70 organizations (local authorities, companies and associations);
It’s a steering committee, those who validate the strategy and the non-partisan political orientations. :
Home who provides legal and financial support until the creation of the association Les Décarbonautes
And soon you too? Find out more here: