The Flip Project: Exhibition of Cartoons on Climate Change

Through this project, the NewZambian Innovations seeks to raise awareness and promote dialogues on the fight against climate change simplifying the content through art into an easier to understand subject across cultures, ages and barriers.

An initiative of NewZambian Innovations

Overview of the project

The ‘Flip Project’ is a project to enhance debate on social issues and governance.

The Flip Project is managed by Flipknowvation Limited and NewZambian Innovations

The project has produced ‘Flip Magazine’ the first edition was out in October 2012 with subsequent editions in production published quarterly.The project start-up was supported by Hivos.
The cartoon magazine ‘Flip’, was the first of its kind for Zambia with cartoons as primary content and focussing on social, economic and political issues with a satirical slant. The Kavundula Weekly Newspaper also presents a first in Newspaper design, content and innovation. The newspaper is built on a foundation of people’s diverse voices sourced from various social media. It acts as a bridge between digital and print media, ushering in a new age of citizen journalism. The backbone of the publication is not trained journalists but a collation of social media tweets of news and commentary on issues at the core of Zambian society.


The purpose of the project is to promote dialogues on climate change from a wider audience. Climate change discussions are technical and scientific and the use of art, cartoons, illustrations simplifies the content into an easier to understand subject across cultures, ages and barriers.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Quantitative results

So far the exhibition which begun on 17th May, 2019 closes today on 20th May, 2019. There have been at least one hundred visitors since the launch

A 12 page comic book and 17 Zambian artworks have been produced

Qualitative results

The exhibition has encouraged Zambian conversations on climate change with some follow-up and autonomous activities organised in communities


The project was developed on voluntary basis by the artists and printing and infrastructure supported by the Swedish Embassy in Zambia

About the

NewZambian Innovations

Kiss Abraham

New Zambian innovations, a non-profit Non-Governmental organisation, duly registered pursuant to the Societies Act, Cap 119 of the Laws of Zambia and having its principal place of business at No. 70 Godfrey Chitalu Road, Nyumba Yanga, Lusaka.

NewZambian Innovations works in the area of communications for empowerment with special emphasis on citizens’ participation in governance. NewZambian Innovations also supports civil society organisations in Zambia to develop communications strategies and materials through the use of various mediums such as ICTs and hardcopy print.

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