Volunteers for the Ocean: Training women and young people for green jobs

Les Bénévoles des Océans is a Cameroonian association created in November 2015, whose main objective is to raise awareness of ocean protection among young people and women living along the coast.

An initiative of Les Bénévoles pour l'Océan du Cameroun

Overview of the project

The national context is characterised by the existence of small initiatives and micro and medium-sized enterprises operating in certain sectors of activity linked to the green economy. These are mainly fishing, aquaculture and small-scale agriculture. Potential activities around natural capital management that can be encouraged include access to renewable energy in rural areas, sanitation, waste collection and recycling, and reforestation. These initiatives, which could heavily involve young people, could take place in several of the country’s agro-ecological zones. However, in the absence of an institutional framework and an information system on the green economy as an entry point, there is a need for a better assessment of the national potential in terms of activities to promote natural capital and, in the same vein, create more added value and jobs for communities, young people and women.


Empowering women microentrepreneurs in the green economy.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

15 january 2024 – 15 january 2025

Quantitative results

Qualitative results

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Les Bénévoles pour l'Océan du Cameroun

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Les Bénévoles des Océans is an association established under Cameroonian law in November 2015. Its main objective is to raise awareness among young people and women living along the coast about protecting the oceans. Our activities include
cleaning up beaches, drains and rivers; greening schoolyards, recycling waste; promoting the sustainable blue economy and green jobs; celebrating World Oceans Day.

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