Water Body Mapping

This study project, taking place in the Ivory Coast, aims to map the region's water bodies.

An initiative of SYNI-GROUPE

Overview of the project

The organization is in charge of the regular observation of the state of small water bodies and wetlands. This is very useful in arid and semi-arid regions, as their existence is entirely controlled by the rhythm of the rains.

Through data mapping, water bodies and lowlands are clearly identifiable. In this study, a contextual method based upon local contrast was developed. A systematic validation will be conducted and a map of water bodies and wetlands will be produced.


To map the Ivory Coast's water bodies.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Qualitative results

The study will benefit from a database of countries’ water bodies, enabling decision-makers to make decisions about mountain water scarcity.

About the


Topo Aime DOBO
Secretary General

The work of the SYNI-GROUPE organization focuses mainly on:

  • The training of individuals studying cartography tools; and
  • Mapping the water bodies/zones to benefit from a database of surface water.
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