TransWay produces solutions to help create smart cities: designing new solutions to make transport, both collective and individual, less of a burden on our environment. Move differently and be rewarded... It's possible with WeFlo!

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Overview of the project

WeFlo is a mobile application that encourages users to change their mobility behaviour, and reduce their carbon footprint. It detects the mode of travel used and rewards virtuous mobility behaviours such as walking, cycling, scootering or carpooling. With WeFlo, users can earn points by travelling in sustainable modes, answering the question of the week or taking part in challenges. The accumulated points can be spent in an online shop to benefit from offers and discounts at local and/or ethical retailers, or to help associations by making a donation.

WeFlo works on the following principles:
1. Move and get around by using soft means of transport, bike, scooter, walking, carpooling, etc.
2. Collect points by moving around as much as possible, using the means of transport of your choice and being detected by WeFlo
3. Earn points for your trips, and spend them in a shop

The application encourages people to travel responsibly by reducing their carbon footprint and changing their habits. It is also an opportunity to improve your health and that of the planet!

WeFlo is aimed at the general public (application available on the Android and iOS stores), but also at companies, public institutions, and territories wishing to mobilise their stakeholders, particularly in the context of the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Package (FMD).


WeFlo is a mobile application that encourages users to change their mobility behaviour and reduce their carbon footprint. Moving differently and being rewarded... it's possible with WeFlo!

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Banque des Territoires (Bank of Territories)
Fayat Acceleration Startups

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TransWay provides solutions to help create smart cities. TransWay’s services are designed to improve the quality of urban services while reducing their cost. Our services enable statistical exploitation of data from our own tools, as well as from external services (ticketing, mobile telephony, GPS, etc.). We encourage behavioural change by helping everyone make the right decision about their trips, and the means of transport they use. TransWay also provides assistance in the field of mobility and technologies associated with passenger transport.

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