FAREDEIC – Strengthening Gender Equality for International and National Ambition of Climate Policies

Improving the living conditions and income of women and their families by supporting them in mastering energy management tools and solutions.

An initiative of Women Engage for a Common Future

Overview of the project

The aim of the projet is to promote solar solutions and sustainable production methods through a training programme on decentralised solar technologies for 40 young women technicians, as well as training in management, marketing, leadership and integration of energy transition issues for 600 women members of food production cooperatives.

FAREIDEC main activities are:

  • Improvement of the living conditions and income of women and their families by supporting them in mastering management tools and energy solutions that improve the profitability of agricultural and fisheries production cooperatives,
  • Supporting 600 women (30 cooperatives),
  • Contributing to the implementation of the PTRC of the Souss Massa and Tangier-Tetouan regions
  • Contributing to the implementation of the Paris Agreement by integrating gender through the valorisation and international capitalisation of the actions carried out

These women are then able to actively contribute to sustainable development within the policies of their territories. Their actions illustrate WECF’s international advocacy for the inclusion of gender in climate policies and SDGs.


Development of a local renewable energy sector through the creation of women's energy cooperatives benefiting argan, agricultural and fisheries production structures.

Level of progress


Project timeline

05/11/2019 - 28/02/2023

Quantitative results
  • 40 young women technicians trained in the manufacture of solar cookers and dryers
  • 2 prototypes validated
  • 3 energy cooperatives founded in the cities of Agadir and Tetouan
  • 120 women members of argan and food cooperatives involved in a capacity building programme (management, e-commerce, partnerships, sustainable production and energy transition) with the aim of passing on to their peers
Qualitative results
  • Construction of technical training programmes on solar dryers and cookers with French and Moroccan partners
  • Elaboration of a programme
About the

Women Engage for a Common Future

Anne Barre
Coordinatrice des Politiques Genre et Climat

WECF France is the French branch of WECF (Women Engage for a Common Future), an international ecofeminist network, whose goal is to “build with women a healthy, sustainable and equitable world”. We act on a local, national and international scale and articulate our missions through 3 strong axes: gender equality in connection with climate and territorial development, the Sustainable Development Goals and environmental health.

To respond to climate challenges and reduce gender inequalities, we participate with our partners in the transformation of territories through the implementation of collective projects led by women in many countries, particularly on the African continent.

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