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Plastic And Polythene Waste Collection Centre

We are a grassroots non-hierachical parents group, Supporting creative climate action among Nigerian parents. We are aligned with the Global Climate Parents – Parents for Future Global.

An initiative of Parents for Future, Nigeria

Overview of the project

This project involves a series of activities, including talks and awareness raising about the problems of plastic pollution and its link to the fossil fuels industry and climate change. There is also the construction of a block wall and metal grill model for plastic waste collection, measuring 3.6m in length, 3.6m in width, and 3.0m in height. The structure serves the communities to dispose of sorted plastics and polythene waste from their homes. From this location, the plastics and polythene waste materials are transported to the plastic recycling plant in Enugu, with whom PFF Nigeria collaborates.
One of the cardinal principles of good waste management, especially regarding plastics and polythene, was the 3Rs – Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, specifically in Enugu Metropolis, plastics and polythene materials accounts for approximately 65% of the total solid waste generated from households. This is due to the lack of government policies governing the use of and proper disposal of plastics and polythene. Consequently, both biodegradable and non-degradable wastes are consistently disposed of together without separation. For instance, in Golf Estate Phase II, some members of PFF Nigeria had already conducted advocacy visits on domestic waste sorting and separation through the Estate Neighborhood Association. The project also hopes to bring about a culture and attitudinal change through the talks, awareness raising and conversations around plastics and waste management.


To Raise Awareness and conversation around plastic pollution, fossil fuels and climate change

Level of progress


Project timeline

November 2022 - Start "Project Still in Progress"

Quantitative results

During the launching of the Project, over 30 parents participated and the project have reached out to up to 400 households located in and around the estate where the plastic collection hubs are located.

Qualitative results

It is in contact as it is in view of every householder in the Golf estate as they leave and return to their homes as a constant reminder of the duty we owe to keep the environment clean and protected and the link between plastics, fossil fuels and climate change.


The project was funded through the Our Kids Climate ( managed UMI Intergenerational Climate Microgrants

About the

Parents for Future, Nigeria

Amuche Nnabueze

We are a grassroots non-hierachical parents group, Supporting creative climate action among Nigerian parents. We are aligned with the Global Climate Parents – Parents for Future Global- Our activities includes caring for our families in times of anxiety over climate and environment, supporting our young ones and fostering an intergenerational approach to caring for the earth through actions that support sustainability. We organise webinars to teach and learn and initiate actions that encourage sustainable living. We particularly are working to reduce plastic pollution and have started to construct sustainable plastic collection hubs in city streets to make it possible for more  to be collected and recycled.We also join global campaigns to raise awareness and for advocacy.

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Other partners / supporters

Biorate Projects (not online) managed the project as they are a civil engineering and environment remediation organisation.