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Desire to Act

The association sees itself as a school of popular education, mainly seeking to promote an education apart from or in parallel with traditional structures.

An initiative of Association culturelle pour la jeunesse et l'enfance / Youth and Children Cultural Association (ACJE)

Overview of the project

Carried out by ACJE, the “Desire to Act (Envie d’agir)” project consists of encouraging, supporting, and enhancing young peoples’ capacity for initiative and their commitment and participation in the life of the city, focused on an environmental and protection of resources theme.

Desire to Act provides pedagogical, technical, and material support to accompany young people from the emergence to the effective realisation of their ideas. Based upon the natural tendency of youth to live in groups, the system proposed by the ACJE project contributes to positively orienting young peoples’ influence on each other, offering everyone the opportunity to develop their capabilities. Working together on the basis of their already acquired individual skills and each individual’s talents and experiences, they contribute to the development of a real team spirit in which everyone supports each other. In this way, young people learn how to transition from the small to larger community.

The values of respect, equality, autonomy, and solidarity are no longer limited to the family’s inner circle but are becoming universal. All the project’s actions will be carried out for young people; this specific approach aims to respond as best as possible to their aspirations while enabling them to collectively build, through their commitment, cultural practices resembling them. This also allows young people to experience complex processes of participation, representation, decision-making, and negotiation, all of which are dynamics which through experimentation develops youth who are critical; assertive in relation to values, a cause, or an ideal; responsible; accountable for their own actions; and committed to complete what they undertake.


"Contributing to strengthening active and participatory citizenship amongst young girls and boys."

Level of progress

Networking, internationalisation

Project timeline

September 2020

Qualitative results

Young people, between the ages of 15 and 25 years old, from the Biziou area who were selected during a call for ideas from the association will be part of this experience.

They will participate to a training on how to set up a project of activities and provide technical support before and during the activities’ implementation.


This project was financed by the Cooperation and Cultural Action Department of the French Embassy in Algeria.

About the

Association culturelle pour la jeunesse et l'enfance / Youth and Children Cultural Association (ACJE)

Mohand Akli KADDIM

The association aims to be a school of popular education, mainly seeking to promote an education aimed at improving the social system. ACJE campaigns more broadly for the development of individuals and the social community to allow each person to flourish and find a place in society. Our school positions itself as a complement to formal education, one that recognises each individual’s willingness and ability to progress and develop at all stages of life.

This school is seen as an opportunity to develop collectively the ability to live together, to confront ideas, to share group life, to express publicly, to listen, etc.

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