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The aim of this initiative is to create an awareness campaign dedicated to citizens, especially children and youth, based on respect and appropriate use of natural resources.

An initiative of Association PATRAKALA

Overview of the project

The big Island of Madagascar features amongst the most World’s most impacted countries in terms of Climate Change.

All of the country’s regions are exposed even though populations highly depend of nature. In Madagascar, the fight against chronic malnutrition as well as the degradation of the environment are becoming more visible over the years. The State is getting more involved especially concerning school dinner. At the school cantine, the objective is to give at least one meal a day to pupils, all year round.

The initiator behind this project works to facilitate and empower inhabitants facing the use of natural resources (coming from soil, sun, wind, rain…. and to learn how to use it in the best way possible. The objective of this project is to create an awareness campaign dedicated to citizens, especially children and youth, based on respect and appropriate use of natural resources.

Since learning by doing is the methodology that is applied for this project. The initiator of the project tries to demonstrate that making an edible garden or an edible forest is feasible all over the island, all year long, in the urban the rural environment, all thanks to the Sun.



Impving living conditions and conserving the environment via the sustainable use of natural resources et youth mobilisation via the creation of gardens or forests around schools.

Level of progress

Pilote operation, experimentation

Project timeline

March 2018 - 2023

Quantitative results

During the previous school year, the success rate rose 15%.

Qualitative results

The food provided is very high in nutriments.


Personal funding.

About the

Association PATRAKALA

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  • Promoting the respect of the environment in Madagasikara ;
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation by raising awareness and mobilising children and young people from Madagascar ;
  • Facilitating different climate activities linked to development issues;
  • Supporting and advising on the use of informations and the use of the Nation’s products such as astrophysical, géophysical, educational, bioclimatic, meteorological, hydrological and climate products that aims to boost economic, social and cultural development.
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  • Nutrition National Office

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Climate Chance

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