Projet Food Sovereignty – Coopération entre Lyon (France), Sénégal, Équateur et Inde

The Food Security project is a project between Lyon, Senegal, India and Ecuador around climate change resilience, food security and women's empowerment and capacity building. It aims at reciprocity of knowledge and capacity building through cooperation.

An initiative of L’association Dialogues en Humanité – avec la Métropole de Lyon

Overview of the project

The Food Security project is a project between Lyon, Senegal, India and Ecuador around climate change resilience, food security and women’s empowerment and capacity building. It aims to reciprocate knowledge and build capacity through cooperation. The project is intended to be duplicable so that the actors in the territories can take ownership of it; this is the case in Armenia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Morocco and the Himalayas.
The focus will be on women farmers, the family/household as important contributors to food security. Studies show that women are more likely to understand the context of climate change, resilience and sustainable agricultural practices. Women also take on more responsibility and care for the household. Despite this, male farmer suicides are increasing and are much more frequent than female farmer suicides. This very complex phenomenon provides a new perspective that has not been examined and could be a driver for the project.


Climate resilience, food security and women's empowerment project.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

09/15/2019 - 01/01/2025, project still in progress

Quantitative results

In Senegal, we expect: 600 producers and 5 community-based service providers trained on good millet production practices, 600 ha planted, 1,200 compost pits built, 24 school fields installed, 24 sites of 1 ha reforested, 12 ha of organic community seeds created, 1,800 tons of millet produced/year, 6 cooperative networks strengthened/created and 6 marketing contracts signed.
In India: 40% of the government food security budget dedicated to agriculture and millet-based food systems, give farmers in drylands a series of incentives, put millet in the PFS in phases, introduce millet meals twice a week in integrated child development programs, school meals, welfare homes and other government programs.

Qualitative results

In Ecuador: 210 family farms with ancestral/agro ecological knowledge, diversified production and processing of food and medicinal plants and 210 others that practice community marketing in their territories, 90 new leaders empowered to manage their organizations and develop new public policies, 3 territories increasing agro biodiversity and improvement of ancestral seeds.
We expect an awareness, a strengthening of South/South and South/North networks as well as a capitalization by territory and transversal (written document or video).


This project would be financed by the Green Climate Fund up to 99 060,75€, by the AFD up to 100 000,00€, by the Metropolis and the city of Lyon up to 20 000,00€, by a self-financing which represents 5 000,00€ and finally by a voluntary contribution of 15 748,72€.

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