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Kigali Car Free Day

Making Kigali a green city, while mobilizing city residents for an active life style to prevent non-communicable diseases

An initiative of City of Kigali

Overview of the project

KIGALI CAR FREE DAY,  coupled with the bi-monthly mass sport is an open event initiated and organized by the City of Kigali with the main aim, on one hand, to promote the culture of sport among Kigali City residents, and on the other hand, to make Kigali a green city.

Kigali Car Free Day takes place on every first and third Sunday of the month, where some roads are closed for motorized vehicles to be used only for walking and cycling.

It is also a way to contribute, to some extent, to the reduction of gas emission as well as an opportunity to have a great cheer and socialization for City residents!

The Kigali Car Free Day, very popular in Rwanda also offers an opportunity for mobilisation for the protection of the environment. For example, on June, 3rd 2018, a “Beat the Plastic Pollution Walk” was organised by the Ministry of the Environment.


Making Kigali a green city, while mobilizing city residents for an active life style to prevent non-communicable diseases

Level of progress


Project timeline


Quantitative results

The number of participants keeps on growing, up to 7,000 people by event

Qualitative results
  • Improvement of lifestyle
  • Reduction of non-communicable diseases risks.

This project has been financed locally and is also supported by volunteers


The Car Free Day in vidéo

About the

City of Kigali

Director of Social Development

The activity of the City of Kigali is embedded in its goal which is to be:

  • A City of character, vibrant economy and diversity
  • A City of green transport
  • A City of affordable homes
  • A City of enchanting nature & biodiversity
  • A City of sustainable resource management
  • A City of Endearing character & unique local identity
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A project
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  • Rwanda NCDs' Alliance (Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance)

    Civil Society Network

    Dr Joseph MUCUMBITSI
  • Rwanda Diabetes Association


    Crispin GISHOMA

Climate Chance

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