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This project carried by Uganda's Little Hands Go Green aims to carry a huge tree plantation campaign with children.

An initiative of Uganda's Little Hands Go Green

Overview of the project

The project of this civil society organisation is to carry a huge tree plantation campaign with children who are taking it upon themselves to plant at least a fruit tree per child. This project trains young green ambassadors in Africa who will became highly aware of climate change issues.
This project gives an emphasis on children and their education as regard climate change and the importance of taking actions – as children make up the bulk of the populations of African countries. In addition, they are the most affected by climate change and its adverse effects.


Carry a huge tree plantation campaign with children

Level of progress

Ongoing financing

Project timeline


Quantitative results

The project has been yet implemented in 36 districts in Uganda, and has known visible success so far.

Qualitative results

Over 80 thousand of Green ambassadors have been educated about climate change and its impacts.


Partnership support among others

About the

Uganda's Little Hands Go Green

Joseph Masembe
Team Leader & Founder

Environmental Conservation Education and Activism among children

A project
in collaboration /div>
  • National Environment Management Authority

    Local authorities - Municipalities

    Tom Okurut (Executive Director)

Climate Chance

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2 rue du Fret, 75018 Paris

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21 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75011 Paris

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