Youth Documentation and Orientation Center on Climate Change (CLIMATHEQUE)

The objective of CLIMATHEQUE intends to provoke a rise in youth mobilization for the climate in Togo.

An initiative of Clinique d'Expertise Juridique et Sociale (CEJUS)

Overview of the project

The CEJUS Climatheque is both a digital and physical space. The centre is open to all and mainly to young high school and college students who would like to learn about the climate constraints existing in the world today. In addition, a mobile library circulating in the different high schools and colleges of the country will be deployed to bring information on climate change to young people.
Through its Climathèque, CEJUS also wishes to set up, in the format of the coffee discussions that it already leads, debates between young people on the environment and more precisely on their means of action at their scale to fight effectively against climate change, thus offering support to project ideas for the preservation of the climate in Togo.


The long-term objective of this project is to provoke a rise in youth mobilization for the climate in Togo.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

03/03/2021 , ongoing project

Quantitative results

In terms of results, the climate library has about fifty books on various topics related to deforestation, coastal erosion, biodiversity, etc. It has four computers for online research by visitors. It has already welcomed about a hundred young people since its opening and regularly holds discussion-debate sessions with them on their commitment to the planet.

Qualitative results

The young people who regularly participate in the Climate Library’s activities have a definite interest in climate change issues. Their curiosity and their commitment to the environmental cause are growing day by day. In addition, as part of the national “Green and Social Ambassador” contest, the climate centre was asked to provide technical support to the candidates (training, availability of the centre for research).


This project was financed by CEJUS' own funds.

About the

Clinique d'Expertise Juridique et Sociale (CEJUS)

Kossivi Natèba KOSSI
Directeur Exécutif
00228 91 88 57 44

Created in 2015, the Legal and Social Expertise Clinic (CEJUS) is an apolitical and non-profit association, working primarily to popularize the law and to support the population in legal and social matters. To this end, it organizes periodic listening sessions through mobile clinics.
Committed to the protection and promotion of human rights, it is developing at the University of Lomé, a centre of competence in “clinical research” and “clinical teaching of law”.
She is also committed to the environmental cause through conferences and awareness-raising to fight against climate change.

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Other partners / supporters

The Ministry of Environment and Forest Resources of Togo made available to the center some documents.